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We are Savage Salvagers

At Savage Salvage we are dedicated to salvaging valuable materials from houses slated for demolition and providing beautiful eco-friendly building materials to our customers.

As a 100% employee owned business, we prioritize providing meaningful work that satisfies our need for brain work and brawn work.
Laminate Wood Floor

Our Services

  • Salvaging building materials from houses slated for demolition

  • Refinishing, storage and delivery of salvaged building materials
  • Salvaging cupboards, flooring and furniture

  • Partial or complete home renovations 

About Us

Why are we doing this?

We are salvagers and fierce gentlemen because we believe that it is our responsibility to treat our world and everything in it with care. The opportunity to salvage and offer for sale good quality salvaged building materials from homes slated for demolition offers us an opportunity to do just that. It's not a job for sissies. We are fierce when we need to be, and we are gentlemen when we need to be.



Get in Touch

For more information about Savage Salvage please contact us by clicking the button below.  For immediate inquires, call or text 604-837-7027

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